EU AI Act Compliance for AI Businesses
Navigate compliance with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act and get a head start to everyone else.

The EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) is coming.
The AI Act is an all-encompassing regulation defining the usage of AI systems within the European Union. Any cmpany that deploys or brings to market a 'high-risk' AI system must ensure compliance withthe EU AI Act.

With an expected enforcement period beginning as soon as spring 2024, businesses need to act swiftly. A grace period, typically 12 to 24 months, is likely to be given for implementation of the AI Act.

However, it's crucial for AI companies to minimise barriers to entry within the EU. A 'high-risk' AI system without the obligatory CE mark and registration in the central EU database will find it challenging to sell its solution and establish itself in the EU market, even during the grace period.

Watch Palqee's CEO, Sabrina Palme, sharing her insights on the impact of the EU AI Act for start-ups and investors.
Palqee AI Compliance Automation
Build trust with your customers through responsible AI

Gain customer trust and get a head start in complying with the EU AI Act by starting your AI governance journey today.

The Palqee AI Framework has been designed specifically for high-risk AI system providers according to the EU AI Act and is a free resource to implement a governance program internally, in line with the requirements of the EU AI Act.
With the Palqee AI Act Framework you can...

Simplify and achieve AI compliance. Our proprietary framework contains a step-by-step guide as well as a policies and procedures matrix with cross references to applicable EU AI Act articles, ISO27001 controls and GDPR articles.
Palqee AI Governance Framework
Implement the Palqee EU AI Act Framework Today
  • Step-by-step Implementation Guide
  • AI Act Checklist
  • Policies and Procedures Matrix
  • Cross-referenced ISO27001 controls and GDPR articles
IMPORTANT: Not to be used for commercial purposes.
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