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Palqee-powered Infrastructure helps fast tracking Privacy Compliance journey for SME
Palqee and Dantic Consulting helped Online Education business fast track their Privacy Compliance journey.
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A year of change: An analysis of how COVID-19 has impacted the data privacy profession
This paper summarises the main Data Privacy challenges faced by privacy professionals due to the pandemic.
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Aug, 2021
Jargon Explained
GDPR Standard Contractual Clauses explained
May, 2021
Jargon Explained
GDPR principles of Purpose limitation and Lawfulness, fairness & transparency
Mar, 2021
Jargon Explained
The meaning of the Storage Limitation and Data Minimisation principles
Feb, 2021
Jargon Explained
Key diferences between Data Discovery, Data Inventory and Data Mapping
Jan, 2021
Why investing in data privacy will help you grow your business
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